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Microscope > DIM-125 Digital Image Measurement Instrument
DIM-125 Digital Image Measurement Instrument

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Digital Image Measuring Instrument
Although the range of use is broad, the main applications are as follows:
Using rectangular coordinates to determine length. For example basic planar distance, hachure width, keyboard trough width, slit width and so on.
The rotation disk determination angle. For example the calibrated dial, the model, the gauge, the drill hole template and the geometric shape complex components of angle measurement
Serves as a microscope, working with superficial quality by the comparison test inspections, the appraisal of metallurgical industry ore specimens. The printing of photography allows for lithograph plates of examination textile fibers and so on.
This product is suitable for:
Small hardware, Institutions of higher learning, Scientific research institutions, with room for other applications as well. This unit is affordable, fast, accurate, and convenient
X-Y axis migration survey scope: 25mmX25mm 50mmX50mm
The X-Y coordinate resolution: 0.001mm
Testing board calibrated dial minute scope: 0C-360C
Supports large capacity SD/MMC memory card
Image reduplication, 4X zoom;
Av video output, synchronized display;
Multi-purpose LED lighting system
Maximum test board capacity: 8.0Kg
The objective lens magnification: 0.7X~4.5X
Total microscope magnification factor: 16X~120X
Survey work table diameter: 120 millimeters