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BY-V Biological Microscope

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Biological Microscope
Product summary
The BY-V biological microscope adopts a creative design principle, integrated fully with modern design principle while ensuring high-quality imaging. The whole system is novel built and fashionable, with the inside imaging excellent and the master structure compact and steady. The standard configuration 10 X high eye dot wide visual field eyepiece can make the observation easily for those with spectacles. Each eyepiece is provided with visual field adjustment to compensate the physiological parallaxes of both eyes; the low level operation of the coaxial coarse and fine adjustment makes it perfect for any person in operation.
The modern and smooth style, the sharp and clear image, as well as the comfort and convenient operation make your feel pleasing from the depth of your heart.
Viewing head
Monocular, 30° inclined, 360° rotatable
Hinge type binocular, 30° inclined , 360° rotary
Hinge type trinocular , 30° inclined, 360° rotary
Slide board type binocular, 45° inclined angle, 360° rotary
Slide board type trinocular, 45°inclined angle, 360° rotary
Wide field eyepiece WF10 X-18mm, 1 pair
Wide field eyepiece WF15X-13mm (or WF16X-13mm), 1 pair
  Wide field eyepiece WF10X-18mm, with scales 
Inner locating 4-hole converter  
Inner locating 5-hole converter  
Objective lens
Achromatic objective lens (oil)/1. 25
Achromatic objective lens 20 XR/0. 40 (with spring), 60 XR/0. 85
(with spring)
Semi-even field achromatic objective lens (oil)
  Field achromatic objective lens (oil)  
Built-in double lay mechanic platform 155 mm × 142 mm, moving
range 50× 76 mm, with cut section clamp
Abbe condenser NA1. 25 with focus adjustable lens
Coaxial coarse/fine adjustment, with limit device and loose/ tight
6 V/20 W halogen lamp, brightness adjustable continuously, power
supply 85 V -265V/50 Hz
Optional accessories
Dark field condenser (dry type), dark field condenser (wet type)
Even field comparative apparatus, achromatic comparative apparatus
Video camera head ACM35
PC digital video camera head DCM35, DCM130
Portable aluminum alloy box, portable wood box, with lock and key
○ : Optional, not included in the standard specifications
● : Included in the standard specifications