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BY-VI American Scientist Bush

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American Scientist Bush
Product summary
The health inspection with a drop of blood is originated from blood detection system invented by American scientist Bush. It has been a kind of brand new health check method popular all over the world in recent years. The method needs only a drop of blood from the finger tip. The information concerning the human body health condition can be obtained through the analysis and observation of the dry blood section and living blood section.
It is able to observe with super microscope the immunity capability, oxidation and nourishment status of the living cells and internal organ functions in human body by applying the advanced cell appearance enzymology, the oxidase free radical and the hologram blastula theory. It is able to discover in several minutes various diseases of so called "Recessive cutthroat", not being taken as seriously by people in ordinary time, such as high blood sterone, high blood viscosity (apoplexy forecasting), iliac artery livering, heart attack, large intestine dysbacteriosis, immunity towing force lowly, etc. It is able to carry on general healthy investigation for each system such as the whole body digestion, breathing, blood and endocrine, etc.
Use computer to carry on the information management, display an image in real time and carry on the acquisition and processing (including saving), carry on the cell appearance analysis, and print out the colorful pathologic diagram and text report, etc.
Instrument configuration for one drop of blood inspection:
Total magnification
High resolution
High resolution above 600 lines (1024×768)
Conjugation microscopic magnification system
Common focus objective lens system/magnification enhancement intelligent control
4-hole objective lens converter system
Compound achromatic 4X/10X/40X spring /100X spring oil lens 0.1L
Observation eyepiece
Deluxe hinge type observation eyepiece tube/large visual field of compound achromatic WF10× eyepiece
High brightness transmission condenser system
Abbe’s condenser NA=1.25/with iris light diaphragm /brightness adjustment
Coarse/fine adjust knob coaxial adjusting mechanism
Work Stage
Double layer compound mechanic stage
Illuminating source
Special purpose 6 V 20 W adjustable halogen lamp cold source
Illumination collector
Three group objective lens contrast type
Blue/yellow/green, 3 sheets
Microscope video camera system
High resolution SONY 1/3"CCD colorful video camera
Video cable
Video cable