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Microscope > DMS-200 Binocular Digital Liquid Crystal Microscope
DMS-200 Binocular Digital Liquid Crystal Microscope

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Binocular Digital Liquid Crystal Microscope
Product summary
The DMS-200 series binocular digital liquid crystal microscope, is a high performance piece of optical equipment offering traditional stereoscopic effects, a broad field of vision, high resolution imaging, good graphic texture; in the mean time it also includes digital magnification of images, carry out digital camera shooting and video, storage, archiving and printing for easy exchange, all of which allow for a more convenient operation. This unit is the perfect union of digital and the traditional optics.
Standard function
Traditional double sight optical system, wide vision, view depth and great graphic texture as well as clear view area.
‧Horizontal hand-wheel zooming, stable and comfortable elevation.
‧3.14 MEGA pixels, with real time display and camera function
‧Reticle customize of graphic display, easy orientation and simple measurement to observe, linear and color exchange
‧8.0 TFT LCD display
‧Built-in min.8 MB memory card;
‧Support high-capacity memory card: SD
‧Photo playback, 4X digital zooming;
‧AV output, Show in step;
‧Video recording and video re-playing function.
‧Multi-function LED illuminating system.
The parameter of the DMS-233 (standard)
Standar 1X Ocular
Objective zoom range
Zooming ratio
18.97X - 120.0X
Visual field (mm)
7.6 X 9.9 - 1.05 X 1.4
Working distance(mm)
Voltage input
100V - 240V 50Hz/ 60Hz
Digital zoom range
1.0X - 4.0X
SD storage card
Video capture
Take picture
Reticle customize
USB port
AV port
The user may select different objective by the need of magnification, working distance, visual field and depth of field.