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DMS-300 Modular Digital Microscope

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Modular Digital Microscope
Product summary
DMS-300 is adopted the innovative idea, combine software engineering and circuit technology. 3.14 MEGA pixels digital static image, Easy and simple to handle. It has succinct appearance, AV output and USB port, users can choose the monitor or the digital display according to different request .Price advantage is obvious.
Standard function
3.14 MEGA pixels, show real time, take a picture and capture video;
‧Depending on need, it is possible to select between different observation devices or a liquid crystal display screen;   
‧Built-in min.8 SD memory card;
‧Support high-capacity memory card: SD;
‧Photo playback, 4X digital zooming;
‧AV output, Show in step;
‧Time mark in step;
‧Video recording and video recording playback function.
The parameter of the DMS-300 series (standard)
Standar 1X Ocular
Objective zoom range
0.7X - 4.5X
0.7X - 4.5X
Zooming ratio
According to the monitor’s different size
the magnification is changeful
Visual field (mm)
6.8 x 8.9-1.0 x 1.3
6.8 x 8.9-1.0 x 1.3
Working distance(mm)
110(x0.5)\ 88(x1)\ 40(x2)
110(x0.5)\ 88(x1)\ 40(x2)
Voltage input
100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz
100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz
4 x Digital zoom range
SD storage card
Video capture
Take picture
USB port
AV port
3 types Reticle (cross, mesh and so on) and color converting according to customers demand.The user may select different objective by the need of magnification, working distance, visual field and depth of field.