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DMP-400 Digital Binocular Microscope

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Digital Binocular Microscope
Product summary 
The DMP-400 series digital binocular microscope utilizes the latest generation of high quality optical sensitive materials. It can be operated with a computer via a direct USB 2.0 connection. The product possesses a wide optical range, high resolution imaging, and stereoscopic effects with the ability to excellent for picture shooting, storage, printing and science study. It also allows for convenient analysis with its integrated interface design, dual mode selection, superior supplementation, etc.
It can be used extensively for microelectronics, precision machinery, jewellery quality examining and forestry geology, medical and hygienic work, police penal recon, etc.
It is particularly suitable for the test of PCB board, FPC board and electron components. Through microshoot and let the quality of products have cards and can be sought.
Basic Functions:
1.3 mega pixels, fast 30fps/s USB connection, standards compliant, seizing card unnecessary
Utilizes the latest generation high quality optics
Signal to noise ratio: greater than 48db
Scanning mode: Linear scanning / Interlaced scanning
Video data format: 8/16bit, CCIR601, CCIR656;
Degree of lumination: 2.5Lux@f1.4
Operating temperature: -15 -50
Image processing: Automatic exposure control/Automatic aperture control/ Automatic white balance/ gamma ray adjustment
Fast compression engine, 2X to 8X, Compression ratio: MMX highspeedsoft compression
Operating systems: Windows98/2000/ME/XP
Supports static image and dynamic capture
The parameter of the DMP-411 series (standard)
Standar 1X Ocular
Objective zoom range
Zooming ratio
Visual field (mm)
7.6 x 9.9-1.05 x 1.4
Working distance(mm)
150(x 0.5)\102(x 1)\40(x 2)
Voltage input
100V-240V 50Hz/60Hz
Digital zoom range
USB port
USB 2.0
The user may select different objective by the need of magnification, working distance, visual field and depth of field.