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2273M-iD Cable/Pipe and Fault Locator

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2273M-iD Cable/Pipe and Fault Locator
GPS Interface Allows Real-Time Mapping
The 3M Dynatel 2273M-iD incorporate advanced electronics to quickly and efficiently locate conductor or sheath (earth return) faults and trace the path of underground cables and pipes (with metallic tracer wire).
2273M-iD provide accurate cable/pipe, or Sonde depth measurements, giving a digital readout in inches, feet and inches, or centimeters (user-selectable). Lightweight, compact and well balanced, these cable and pipe locators allow you to accurately and easily:
Locate cable and pipe path
Measure cable/pipe, or Sonde depth with the push of a button
Display relative signal current in the cable or pipe
Pin-point conductor or sheath (earth return) faults and cable breaks
Discriminate between light and heavy faults
Identify cable using toning
Tone shorts and grounds in aerial cable
Locate energized power and CATV cable
The 2273M-iD locator is now compatible with select GPS/GIS field mapping instruments for real-time mapping of marker placement. The customized Dynatel interface remotely commands the GPS/GIS device allowing even a generalist field technician to perform real-time mapping. Exporting information directly into leading CAD and GIS systems creates an automated paperless system for records updating.