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LX442 Full-Crossline Laser

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Full-Crossline Laser
Featuring Full-Crossline and Swift Self-Leveling, the LX442 ensures greater productivity in leveling, plumbing, alignment and layout, in both interior and exterior applications.
Full Crosslines
The LX442 projects four vertical lines, a 360º horizontal line, as well as a plumb down beam.
Full-line capability minimizes the need for changes of instrument setup.
The LX442 projects four overlapped horizontal beams that create a perfect 360º level line.
Four vertical lines allow four 90º alignments with one setup.
120º vertical lines cross on the ceiling right above the instrument. In combination with the plumb down neam, plumbing work is a breeze!
Accurate and Stable Lasers
Ensured accuracy of ±1mm each 10m (±0.04in. each 33ft.) for each line.
Exceptionally speedy self-leveling for quick startup.
Electronic self-leveling mechanism provides more stable lines than pendulum-or gimbal-type lasers, even in sites subject to vibration.
Line-lock for Slope Lines
Just turn off the self-leveling and set the LX442 to the desired angle to project slope lines.
A laser detector is equipped as standard for short-range exterior or general construction applications.
Batteries and AC Power
Powered by four R6 (AA) alkaline or Ni-MH batteries.
Standard AC adapter for use with 100V to 240V AC power.
The power cable is connected to the lower section of the instrument and will not rotate with the upper laser section, preventing tangling of the cable.
Wireless Remote
Standard wireless controller allows remote selection of horizontal and vertical lines, line-lock and detector mode.
Blue LED Indicators
When all lines turned off and power still on, four blinking blue LEDs easily locate the instrument in dim light conditions.
Dust and Water Protection
The IP54 dust- and water-resistant body ensures outstanding durability under harsh worksite conditions.
Laser diode
Line: 635nm, Plumb down: 650nm
Laser class
Class 2 (IEC/CDRH)
Laser projection angle
H:360º / V:120º
Line accuracy
H & V
±1mm@10m / ±20 arc seconds
Rifht angle accuracy
Plumb accuracy
Line width
Plumb down spot diameter
Self-leveling type / range
Electronic / ±3º
Operating range
20m with detector
Remote control range
Approx. 10m
Horizontal fine motion
Endless fine motion screw
Dust and water protection
IP54 (IEC 60529:2001)
Operating temperature
-10 to + 50℃
W160 × D160 × H241mm
Weight with batteries
Approx. 1.8kg
Power supply
For R6 (AA) alkaline or Ni-MH batteries
AC 100 to 240V (with standard AC adapter)
Operationg time at 25℃
1V + 4H
10 hours
12 hours
4V + 4H
6 hours
9 hours