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Laser Digital Theodolite
The LDT520 drastically enhances productivity thanks to the high-brightness, high-precision laser beam as well as the versatility to emit both focused and parallel beams.
World’s longest laser beam range for a digital theodolite
Offers 600m (2,000ft.) of laser beam range in tunnels or other underground sites
The parallel beam reaches 200m (660ft.)
One instrument for the focused beam and parallel beam
Focused beam: Beam spot becomes the smallest at the focused distance of a telescope
Parallel beam: The beam diameter is constant in any distance, ideal for directional controls in tunnel construction
Parallel beam can be emitted by adjusting focusing ring to the qmark, without the need for any accessory
Variable laser output
Easy adjustment of laser output power between 1mW to 4.5mW
An advanced angle measurement system for optimum reliability
Original absolute encoders employ advanced coding technology and the latest in digital processing technology
Provides exceptional precision and reliability under harsh construction environment
Dual-axis compensation for maximum angle precision
Automatically detects the instrument tilt in two directions
Compensates for both horizontal and vertical angles to ensure highly accurate angle measurement
Slope display in % and ‰
Vertical angle display can be switched to slope in per-cent (%) or per-mil (‰)
Highest in its class dust- and water- protection
Conforms to the IP66 dust- and water- protection standard
Withstands the harshest conditions in the dusty or moist underground construction sites
Operable in tight spaces
Minimum focus of the optical plummet is as short as 15cm (5.9in.) from the tribrach bottom
This means the LDT520 can be precisely set as 15cm above the reference point
Length: 160mm, objective aperture: 42mm, magnification: 30X
5″ (1.5mgon) (0.025mil)
LCD graphic display, 192×80 dots, screen size: 71.5 × 31mm,
with backlight and 16 contrast levels
(with handle and battery)
5.8kg (12.8lb.)
(with handle and battery)
W165 × D165 × H355mm
Battery (BDC46B)
Li-ion rechargeable batteries, 7.2V, 2.45Ah, 103g. 2pcs included